Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taylor Tuesday


Hear me out. Have you ever noticed that Taylor can look very different from one event to another? And how could one man be on tour, write a book and do all of those interviews at the same time? What about these stories we hear about how he was hugging everyone at one meet and greet, but barely speaking at another?

Well, the answer is obvious, my friend. He must have a twin. That can be the only logical explanation for why he didn't remember me in a crowd at the San Antonio show even though we had met just one month earlier in a crowd at the Tampa show. I believe that is incontrovertible evidence right there.

The topic actually surfaced on another blog yesterday. (I'll give you the link, but you gotta promise to come back, OK?) For photographic proof and further discussion, go to: http://tfhzone.wordpress.com/2007/10/29/are-these-the-same-men/#comments

If you happen to be my Mom and can't work these newfangled links, I'll post the most revealing photo here:

Forget about identifying the blonde on the beach. Was that the real Taylor?


Kenzie said...

Omg Caryl, I love you! What a riot!

I agree though! It makes perfect sense!! Two Taylors makes for a VERY happy fan-base. One for work, the other for play ;]

JOJOSIE said...

If there are two Taylors I'll take the one that sings like it's the last song he'll ever sing. I love your site as I always leave here happy. Keep up the good work.

caryl said...

Thanks, jojosie! That's exactly what I'm aiming for: to put out positive vibes into the universe. Well, that sounded a little TOO groovy, but you get my meaning.

And Kenzie, what can I say? "One for work and one for play"? I LOVE that idea! But, knowing Taylor, he'd probably have both of them working. :(