Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Taylor Tuesday

I hear a lot of people say that Taylor inspired them. How? And more importantly, WHY? I've posed this question before but have never gotten a satisfactory answer. I watch Taylor sing and I want to write. I feel witty, smart, clever. Dang, I even feel cute. (No small feat!) What's up with that? How can watching a guy sing a song make me feel good about myself?


jaybszoo said...

Right now Caryl, I can't get past looking at Taylor in those jeans! ;) I'll think about this great question and post later.

Jennifer said...

Taylor inspires me to get back into listening to great music. He sings all these great covers and it reminds me of how great some old artist was, or makes me wonder about them so I seek out more.

And every now and then, he inspires me to jump my husband as a substitute for my more lewd Taylor thoughts! Bwah-hah-hah!

Kenzie said...

Do I dare admit it???

Well, as some of you may know, I have a HUGE interest in music. Especially all the old classic rock and soul music. My first favorite soul artist was and still is Ray Charles. That's how I first became a Taylor fan, I thought it was pretty cool that I shared that with him.

And because Taylor is who he is, he inspires me to get more into the music. I constantly find myself playing guitar and trying to learn new songs after I've seen him jam out on some videos. It's a deep dark secret of mine, lol... but hopefully someday, I'll be jamming out myself.

caryl said...

Kenzie, it's good to have a dream. I'm sure Taylor would tell you to keep working at it!

I agree about the jeans and I agree about jumping the husband!