Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Taylor Tuesday


This quote is from Parade Magazine, 10/07/2007. Article written by Dotson Rader.

Brad Pitt: "You get no warning about what celebrity is or how to deal with it. It's sort of multitiered. The intial stage is feeling discombobulated and not up to the task. I didn't understand the incessant attention when I went outside, the way people completely focused on me. It made me very uncomfortable. Then you start to see the fickleness of celebrity," he continues, "that it isn't rooted in something of real value. There is this strange wanting by people to get next to you. It has nothing to do with you but with something they feel they are missing in themselves."

Sometimes I wonder if Taylor says to himself, "Be careful what you wish for." Fame is a blessing and a curse, as we all know. But in Taylor's case, I think both good and bad are amplified. Those who love him smother him with their attention and those who don't love him tear the poor man to shreds.

Next week, I'd like to explore why he rouses such passion in people. It's sort of a puzzle to me. I understand his appeal, don't misunderstand. But we'll get into all of that next time.

Today I'd like to hear your thoughts on fame. Do you think it's everything Taylor hoped it would be? Would you ever want to be famous?


caryl said...

For the record, NO, I never wanted to be famous. I don't know why anyone would want to be.

As for Taylor, well, he's an enigma. He enjoys the spotlight but hates the interest in his private life. He said at the AI finale this year that he wished he could do it all over again.

So...I can't pretend to know how he feels about fame, but as a GUESS I'd say he loves being famous and is trying to figure out how to satisfy his fans' curiosity without revealing too much.

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't mind being a little famous. I used to always want to be an actress, because it sounded like fun. I liked being in school plays. But I used to think that a soap opera actress would be just the thing. Fun job, but less famous than other stars.

Nowadays, I could go for some fame in the form of a book deal! Again, a much lower key type of fame. But I am not holding my breath.

caryl said...

Here's something amusing, Jennifer. I wrote a column for our local paper and it included my photo. Twice when I was out running errands, I had a stranger say, "Hey, you're the lady from the paper!"

Haha! No one asked for an autograph, though. :(

Jennifer said...

My blog is associated with my local newspaper. Before the food blog, I used to write a blog specific about my hometown. They used to put my picture in the paper once a week with a quote from my blog. And, they always picked the worst quotes! Took them out of context, or worse, completely re-arranged what I said. I used to walk around town with my head lowered so nobody would recognize me from that picture!

Soul Reporter said...

First, off topic: Funny, but I used the word discombobulated today!! haha, then I come here and see it used. Everyone in the office looked at me and said, Huh? Anyway, no, I never wanted to be famous, I just want a lot of money! Winning the lottery is my dream! haha

Soul Reporter said...

Isn't today Wednesday?

caryl said...

SR, yeah, today's Wednesday, but I posted this ysterday. Actually, truth be told, you can see by the date above "Taylor Tuesday" that I actually posted this on Monday! But it was LATE on Monday.

Doesn't anyone have an opinion about how Taylor feels about fame?

Jennifer said...

Caryl, I think Taylor is okay with it. I think he understands that it is the price to pay for what he wants to do with his life. I know to all of us, Taylor is A-List and beyond, but I think to the rest of the world, he is B-list at best at this point. That's not an un-handle-able level of fame.

caryl said...

Wanna see something funny? One of my buds sent me a link to this: