Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Got A Woody

allen movie on my tv

So I woke up today feeling pretty blah, tired of being strong, weary of pushing through. You don't know what I'm talking about. I can tell by that puzzled look on your face.

It really doesn't matter, but we all have those days when we don't feel like doing whatever task is ahead of us. It's Sunday and what's ahead for me are domestic chores and my teenage son's soccer game. I sat down with my coffee and asked myself, "So what would happen if I don't do any of it? Just this once?"

My family might get P.O.ed, but they'd get over it. So I granted myself this one day to be selfish, sad, lazy and whatever the opposite of proactive is. Nobody can count on me today. I'm not there for you.

I didn't exactly feel better, but I wasn't going to fight it. I got online to check my messages and matter-of-factly clicked on the TV. Sweet mother of all that is holy, what popped up on the screen was classic Woody Allen.

And just like that, my mood changed. I laughed out loud. During the commercial, I put in a load of laundry. I switched to the TV in my bedroom and stripped the bed. I made a grocery list. So before I dash off to the store, I wanted to share a clip from that movie with you.

This is my kind of mood-elevator. And don't you just love Diane Keaton? I think I may have a crush on her. (Ha! See the "I Loves Me Some Dave Foley" thread. I have a crush on everybody.)She's not in this clip, but I wanted to mention her anyway because she's brilliant.

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