Thursday, November 22, 2007


Through a series of events, my husband and I unexpectedly found ourselves on our own for Thanksgiving. Our oldest son is at my Mom's, spending time with his cousins and our youngest son is in England with his soccer team. They'll both have a great time. But what about us?

My husband had the week off and to be perfectly honest, he can be annoying when given too much free time. I suggested we spend a night at a Bed and Breakfast I had found a couple of years ago. Despite the ribbing he took from his friends, he agreed. (Why do men think B&B's are gay?)

It's located in Comfort, TX. The B&B was a stage coach stop in the 1800's, located on a sanguine little creek. Charming shops are just a walk away and we ate in an unassuming little restaurant which served surprisingly good, authentic German food.

In the morning, as we packed, I smiled and told Greg our stay had been therapeutic. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, the lovely old buildings full of antiques and the gently swaying branches dipping down towards the slowly flowing water. Comfort indeed.

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