Thursday, November 15, 2007

Worst Dress Ever

I curled up to watch the Season Premiere of Project Runway last night and was not disappointed. I must say, though, this crop of designers seems to have more impressive credentials than on previous seasons. I prefer to watch novice designers feel their way through the creative process. But, maybe the challenges will be more demanding, too. We'll just have to wait and see.

I can appreciate thinking outside of the box, but Elisa's dress (shown above) was just too far out there. Heidi Klum said it looked like the model was "pooing fabric" because the train was just a blob of unrelated colors and material. And she tripped over it walking down the runway!

Guess I've watched enough reality TV to know that even though Elisa deserved to be eliminated, she wouldn't be because she's an interesting character. She's very odd.

Did you know that you can bid on all of the designs from Project Runway? I think that's such a cool idea (and very tempting). Go take a look. Let me know if you win anything:


Chicken & Waffles said...

Right?! What the hell was up with that dress? I think Heidi's comment was the best of the night (well, just after Christian's "Don't go into the fear box, people.") I think Elisha's freak value will keep her on a few more episodes...but not much more.

I do love this show too.

caryl said...

Hey, CW, as of today (Sunday) the highest bid on that dress is at $75. Should I bid on it? I could chop the bottom off and then it would be quite pretty.

JOJOSIE said...

I hadn't watched Project Runway before but you tweaked my interest.They reran the beginning shows so I got caught up. I do like the show, but haven't picked a favorite yet. Yes, that dress was the "worst dress ever". What was she thinking, maybe she wasn't.

caryl said...

jojosie, I missed week two when it originally aired, but just caught it today as a rerun. Elisa puts a "spit mark" on her designs? Yuck! Maybe that will someday be an expensive trademark. LOL!