Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Taylor Tuesday

(I wish)

The List

I remember reading a quote from Ace when the American Idol tour wrapped up. He was asked about the craziest thing that happened on the road. Ace answered that a couple approached him after a show and the wife propositioned him. She said it was OK because her husband had given her his permission. Ace looked at the man who nodded in return. Ace declined the offer.

Do you and your mate have a list of people they'll give you a "pass" on? The List usually consists of five famous people you're attracted to. You have permission to sleep with them because your spouse knows how much it would mean to you. Aw, that's sweet. Ha! The truth is it's OK because everyone involved knows it will never happen.

I know what you're thinking. You think I brought this up because Taylor's on my list. Remember, your spouse has to give you PERMISSION. I ain't got that. My husband is seriously jealous of Taylor. I just look at the hubby, puzzled. I'm invisible to Taylor. Even when I'm standing in front of him.

I've seen the sweet young thangs gyrating at Taylor's feet during the shows. Believe me, I know my status in the booty hierarchy. I'm nowhere, man. My husband has nothing to worry about.

And, oh yea, I forgot. I would NEVER do such a thing even if Taylor were heavily medicated and carried to my room. I'm a married woman! That's right, I'd NEVER run my hands through that shimmering hair and ...um...what?

Oh, right! The List. Who's on yours?


Kenzie said...



Um... I'm not married, but I've strangely had this talk. Kyle won't let me have a list. :( I asked him once what he would do if I came and told him, that "Alcohol was involved, and it didn't mean anything... at that moment." (I would eventually have bragging rights, lol).

He said he would only allow it if he was allowed, and I quote, "... to beat Taylor's ass after words." I said no fair! Of course, and tried to argue with him. I even offered him any one person he would like to, um... run fingers through hair with. And he calmly said that I'm the only one he cares about being with. And after that... I felt guilty, so now I can't even have the fantasies anymore with out feeling guilty!! I mean... what? Fantasies? Me? No!! pshhh... y'all must be crazay! ;]

Jennifer said...

1. Taylor
2. George Clooney (he would be on my husband's list to, if he swung both ways)
3. Denzel Washington
4. Sting
5. Colin Firth

caryl said...

Kenzie, guys ruin everything, don't they? ;)

Jennifer, nice choices, yes indeed. Not sure what to say about your hubby liking George Clooney. Well, maybe the three of you could...well, you know. Suggest it!

Jennifer said...

Umm, I guess I should clarify that... I meant if my husband swung both ways! Which he definitely doesn't, but he can totally admit that George totally has it going on. He calls Taylor a poor man's George.

caryl said...

Haha, Jennifer, I was just teasing you! I think you made it clear about the hubly.

JOJOSIE said...

I like Jennifer's list but I'd take Sting off and George too. Denzel and Collin make my list as Collin is the only Englishman I think is sexy (Simon you might be if you'd just keep your mouth shut)I'd add Brad Pitt and Sean Connery.If I told you my age you'd not wonder why Sean was on my list.Of course Taylor tops all our list. I always have found prematurely grey hair attractive, even when I was younger.

Soul Reporter said...

Okay, just five, right?
1) haha, you know this one.
2) Kevin Costner
3) Keanu Reeves
4) Harry Connick, Jr.
5) Bon Jovi

I have more, but you said five.

tif said...

I have no permission and never will, but this is fun.. so here we go. lol

1. Taylor Hicks (in a heartbeat)
2. Sean Penn
3. John Cusack
4. Brown eyes :(
5. Mark Wills (country singer)

Chicken & Waffles said...

OK, I'll play!

1. Hicks (hello!)
2. Terrence Howard
3. Richard Olivier
4. Joe Namath
5. This man I work with that keeps me awake at night

And of course Clooney. Who wouldn't fuck him?

Chicken & Waffles said...

Oh and one more--Jen is right--Colin Firth is fuck-a-licious!

Chicken & Waffles said...

Sorry to Caryl's mom (if she is reading this) for my bad language.

caryl said...

CW, you crack me up! My family doesn't read my blog, you're fine.

caryl said...

OMG, I forgot Will Smith! Did you see "Independence Day"? There's a scene where they pan his body while he's asleep in bed. Damn!