Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Freakin' Way!

I can't believe Sweet Pea made it through to the next challenge on Project Runway with this outfit! She even admitted that the shirt was a mess.

Here's the disclaimer which is flashed on the screen at the end of the show:

"The judges considered both their scores and input from the Producers and Bravo in reaching their elimination decisions."

So, I'm assuming again that Sweet Pea is considered an interesting character and the producers wanted to keep her around.

On a lighter note, we were treated to a bevy of handsome male models this week! And Tiki Barber ain't so hard on the eyes, either:

He'll be wearing the winning design on the Today Show. If you're like me and never heard of the guy, he's a former running back for the New York Giants and is now a member of NBC's Today Show and Football Night in America/Sunday Night Football.


tif said...

Say it ain't so, you don't know Tiki?? Where are all the lady football fans?? Sigh..

I don't watch the show you're blogging bout, but I will say that outfit looks like he just crawled out of bed for goodness sakes..

caryl said...

I know! And I live in Texas where football is a religion. I'm a sports idiot! tif, you'll love this. When we moved into our neighborhood, we were told that Warren Moon lives here. My response? "Who's that?" Seriously. I didn't know.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Caryl: Hated this week's challenge and hello, Tiki Barber? Yeah, big fat freaking yawn and imposible challenge in such a short period of time.!!

And Tif, $20 bucks that says the Bears will kick the Giants' ass this weekend (and I'm a New Yorker--go figure!). I'm a lady football fan and *sigh* my teams suck! :)

Kenzie said...

I love living in the Midwest for the simple fact that we have NO professional teams in football. That way I can choose ANY team I want. And for that, two years ago, I chose the New England Patriots. Who is STILL undefeated this season?!?! I'm a big Bears fan as well, but I'm worried about their ranking this year.

Sorry to hear about the Colt's 2nd loss, Tif. :( (secretly giggling in the background)

C&W, I bet tomorrows game will be a close one. Hard to tell, I think.

caryl said...

Hey! Settle down there, girls! Who gave you permission to talk football here? I don't understand the words that are coming out of your mouths. Now, if you want to discuss how the dudes look in their uniforms that's acceptable.

Carry on.

Jennifer said...

Tom Brady is hawt. Tiki Barber is hawt. Nuf said.

I hate football, but for some reason Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite shows on television. Caryl, do you watch it? Football obsessed Texas!

tif said...

Now, being the diehard Colts fan that I am, I can't just sit back and let you these comments go by unnoticed!

First, C&W, I personally think the Bears will go down in defeat this week. Might be wrong though, so no
20 dollars on the table for me. ;)

Kenzer, just be glad you live far enought out of my arms reach..LOL
I'm gonna get you my little pretty!
Of all the random teams to pick, you pick the Pats?? Tisk, Tisk!! Um, Payton Manning is hot and really funny, just watch his commercials.. I think this is the Pat's year, Kenzer. **sigh** They are just too damn good.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Crisp that $20, Tif girl. If Manning is passing, a Bears victory is a slam dunk!

We have all got to get together!!

Soul Reporter said...

We do, CW! Let's pick a date, okay? Sundays are really the only good day for me anymore, although I can also do a Monday through Thursday night but not too late. What do you all say? I miss you guys, a bunch.

tif said...

Why didn't I take that bet? Twenty crisp one would have been in my

Congrats, C&W! Manning wasn't the best, but he did show some improvement. Like they say, a win is a win no matter how ugly it was.

Kenzie said...

Tif, I luv ya, no matter how much we are rivals. ;) lol

Only time can tell.

Go Pats!! Wooo!! **scurries away to avoid mutilation**