Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kemah Boardwalk

Last weekend my husband and I found ourselves with a free day. No soccer games, no painting projects, no nothin'. Since I know how annoying my husband can be when he has nothing to do...I mean... since we rarely have a whole day to ourselves, I racked my brain for some outing we both could enjoy. The weather was nice, so we wanted to get outside and walk around someplace fun.

About an hour's drive from our house is a little place called The Kemah Boardwalk. There are restaurants, shops, an arcade, rides and, oh yeah, a boardwalk. We decided to head out there to walk around, look at the boats and have a nice lunch.

Before we go on, there's something you need to know. This is something we NEVER do. Sure, if we have out of town company, we hit every tourist attraction in a fifty mile radius. But go off to some entertainment emporium and spend money on ourselves? Unheard of! Shocking!

Well, we threw caution to the wind and did it anyway. That's right, you heard me.

We walked...

and we walked...

and then, um, what did we do? Oh yeah, we walked some more!

Finally, we stopped for some lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.

Stealing a page from Jennifer's blog ("Valley Victuals". Link over there on the right-->) , I took photos of our meals while my husband showed incredible patience!

I had this fabulous crawfish etoufee:

Greg enjoyed the fish n' chips:

We savored our meals while watching the boats cruise by:

Have you seen enough boats? Too bad, here's some more:

After lunch we didn't play any games...

and we didn't go on any rides...

but we found a Starbucks (*angels singing*) in the shade of the rollercoaster, so the day was complete:

Those of you coming for my Big Birthday Extravaganza in September will get to experience Kemah first-hand, so make sure you pack some comfy shoes (and money for Starbucks).


lois meyer said...

Hi Caryl!
Great pictures. Kemah is really a fun place. In addition to all you said, there is also the miniature railroad and The Aquarium, a restaurant guessed it! Aquariam in the dining room!

Glad you and Greg had a nice day.

Love, Caryl's Mom

Chicken & Waffles said...

One. Those fish and chips looked delish. And oddly fresh.
Two. Was that a beautiful day or what? The sea, a blue sky and baby, you're golden.
Three. I love that Caryl's Mom loved Kemah. That seals the deal.
Four. Can I come to your birthday party? Have A Day Celebrating Caryl, Will Travel.

caryl said...

CW! Aw, shucks. C'mon down! I'll even serve chicken and waffles, just for you.

Jennifer said...

Very cool food photos, Caryl! You are so lucky to have such a cool place so close to you. That etoufee looks fab!

One of my girlfriends is moving to Austin next month. I will miss her!! I will have to tell her about this place for when she feels like exploring her new state some more!

Julie said...

Um...I think my invitation got lost in the mail, too.

Girlfriend? Can I come? :-)

caryl said...

Well, I was actually talking to my sisters and my best buds from college, but what the hell! All my Taylor friends can come, too. Hey! I just thought of what you guys can give me for my birthday. I think Taylor could use the gig.

Bluesgirl said...

Did someone say party ??!! Caryl, looks like a great place and I'm glad you and hubby had a nice day. It seems we all get caught up in the hussle and don't take time for spur of the moment getaways - which are often the most fun. Your pictures were beautiful and food looked yummy. Glad you had a great day !!

caryl said...

Looks like CW is going to have to rent another convertible! LOL