Monday, March 10, 2008

Music Monday


We headed back to Gail's lake house this weekend to help finish the dock, but this time we brought reinforcements. Joe and Sue met us there. We've known them since Greg's first year with his company, but none of us can remember how Joe and Sue met Gail. We all have mutual friends and show up at lots of the same events, but we can't pinpoint when or where the friendship began.

Gail goes out of her way to show her appreciation for our help by cooking fabulous meals and plying us with liquor. Ha! That's a joke because Joe gave up alcohol for Lent and I gave it up years ago for health reasons (I get frequent migraines).

Saturday evening Gail mentioned that she has a margarita maker and asked if anyone was interested. Greg and Sue thought it sounded like a delicious idea and I decided maybe I could have one. Just one.

We all watched in rapt silence as the frozen concoction whirled around in the blender. Gail salted the rim of the first cobalt blue glass and handed it to Sue. Sue turned around and gave it to me. I think I saw a tear run down Joe's face.

I took a sip. It was smooth, frozen, limonicky goodness. Greg took a sip of his and said, "Oh man, I'm going to have to be careful. This tastes too good." I should have listened to him.

We took our drinks out on to the deck to look out at the water and within minutes I was drunk. One margarita. No kidding. I started some nonsensical debate about patio furniture. Big stuffed cushions vs no cushions at all? A couch and chairs vs a dining table and chairs? I wouldn't let it go. We HAD to figure out the best option!

Luckily, Gail called us in to eat. By the way, look at this incredible redfish she prepared for us. It's spread with green pesto and then covered with roasted pecans. Gail cooked it on the grill on cedar planks. How 'bout that? Didn't I tell you she's a great cook?

So we gathered at the table and our glasses were refilled. I let mine sit until the green slush melted into a watery liquid. I spent the entire meal trying to pretend I wasn't feeling the alcohol. I don't think I spoke at all. I have no idea, but nobody laughed or yelled at me, so I think I conducted myself in an appropriate manner. But I can't explain this photo:

OK, OK! Hold yer comments. That's obviously not me. I have better legs. (in my dreams!)

Oh, a footnote. No migraine the next day. Yeah!

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lois meyer said...

Make sure you invite Gail to your birthday bash!!!

Love, Mom