Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

Interesting clip of Taylor Hicks at his San Antonio show. Unlike some of his fans, I've never been convinced that he sends messages through his songs. But, they may be on to something with this one.

I was at this show and something was different about Taylor's performance.The songs felt rushed and he seemed to be going through the motions. I didn't feel the joy he usually emanates. Maybe something was up with the record company.

IdolMashups wrote about this video(at youtube):

"Even as early as March 2007, it seemed Taylor and his record company were not the best fit as he seems to drop a few clues with his tag of Van Morrison's St Dominic Preview (thanks to Cochem for tag info and lyrics)"
(con't below the video)

"And we're over in a 52nd Street apartment,
Socializing with the whino few,
Just to be hip and get wet with the jet set.
But they're flying too high to see my point of view.

And the restaurant tables are completely covered.
The record company has paid out for the wine.
You got everything in the world you ever wanted
Right about now your face should wear a smile.

Contrary to media reports, both Hicks and J Records confirm the split was mutual."

This video was shot on March 17th in San Antonio, Texas by McKinneyMama (less)

What do you think? Is Taylor "speaking" through these tags, or are we over-analyzing when in fact, he's just singing a song?


Soul Reporter said...

hmmm, the answer, is I really don't know. LOL I never believed in the messages, but listening to those tags, who the hell knows?

henry8 said...

Most of the time, I think hes just singing a song, but ever once in a while I think he is speaking to something that is going on in his life. This may have been one of the times. It my opinion that he knew quite some time before we did that he and the record company would be parting ways. He does seem somewhat disgusted when he is singing this.
I had heard this before and it is one of my favorite bluzey performances of his. Whatever his reason , I love the way he sang it.

Chicken & Waffles said...

I miss Taylor Hicks. Where the hell is he? We demand his presence.