Thursday, March 6, 2008

Project Runway Finale

And the winner is...


Stoneface Beckham was the celebrity judge this week. Sitting in my den, I couldn't decide which designs I preferred. I liked them all. I don't know how the judges came to a conclusive decision.

I love that we saw a bit of self-doubt peek through Christian's usual bravado. After he got a glimpse of Rami and Jillian's collections, he said he wasn't feeling as confident as he usually is. And as he waited with Rami for the final verdict, he had a tough time holding it together. His lip quivered, his eyes teared.

But of course, the old Christian returned after he was pronounced the winner and had a moment to cry it out. Tim asked him, "Can you believe it?" Christian replied, "Yes."

Check out all the fierce designs from the runway here:


David Dust said...

Fierce - especially the "Chicken Gown"!

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Jennifer said...

Jillian was robbed, I say! Robbed!!

Her collection was the most wearable. Cohesive, coshmeezive. The cohesive element was that I would want everyone of her items in my closet. Well, maybe not the mopsleeve sweater, but you know what I am saying.

The whole first half of Christian's show was the same look. Giant, puffy, fluffy, black monstrosity over skinny pants. I get it already!

I really thought both Rami & Jillian's collections also looked like they were of higher quality than Christian's.

Oh well, I shop at Kohl's. What do I know?

caryl said...

Jennifer, it's true. Jillian's collection was the most wearable.

I guess I don't really know what they're looking for. Each collection had it's own "Wow" factor, for different reasons.

I stand by what I said about liking everything, but actually WEARING it? I'd have to go with Jillian's. The feathery gown in Christian's show was ART, but I was trying to imagine if an actress wore it on the red carpet. I think they would be reamed for it.

Chicken & Waffles said...

With apologies to Jen and Caryl, I have to say I was sold on the small fierce once when I saw the final long cascading ochre gown. For the love of Jesus, Joseph, Mary and the donkey they rode in on...that was sublime!

Till next season, kids.