Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

This clip of Taylor Hicks impersonating himself is a son-of-a-b to find, but I persevered and found it just for you! Actually, truth be told, the administrator of righthickssave.wordpress found it for me. She is a font of photo fun. I wanted to embed the video here, but will have to settle for providing you the link. It's SO worth the extra clicks!

Enjoy this hard to find clip of Taylor on "Last Call With Carson Daly" (DivX file, 79 MB) — credit to Phantom for the capture.



Kenzie said...

I saw it live!!! sorta... if it was live, lol.

It was late at night and I couldn't sleep. So I flipped on the tube and was flipping through channels. And caught myself watchig the show, I heard Carson explain the game, how the impersonaters would get worse as each one came out.

"Taylor" came out and I said "Wow! That guy sucks! But isn't that funny?!" And then he ripped off the wig... and to be honest, I screamed. I woke up my sister. And got in trouble for it the next morning. But I was sure able to go to sleep after that!!

caryl said...

Me too, Kenzer! Somehow I caught this on the tube, too. But I thought it was really cute and I wanted to see it again. Whatever station Carson Daly is on pulled it off youtube and it became almost impossible to find!

Kenzie, where is everybody? You don't suppose they've *gasp* gone back to their lives?

Soul Reporter said...

I saw that! Hi, Kenzie, hi, caryl. Don't you miss the big lug? LOL

Chicken & Waffles said...

Hey...just an aside to a topic that I know is compelling to some of the readers here...The opening credits of "American Idol" have changed (I didn't see it last week so I don't know if this is the first week this has happened), but Mister Hicks is now represented (and should I add finally)? About time the boy got his props. I miss the big lug too, SR.

caryl said...

Thanks, CW. Yeah, I read that somewhere last week. Wonder what the heck's been going on behind the scenes? "We're gonna punish you, Tayor! Haha, you're not in the opening sequence anymore!" And then later, "Now you know our power! OK, we'll put you back in."

Or something like that.

Lubiana said...

I think it had to do with all the comments on the AI boards about Tay being left out (at least I hope that had something to do with it)