Friday, May 16, 2008

Friends with Money

My little Jamiekins is going to the prom this weekend. His friends are going as a group. In fact, I'm not sure the girl he's going with is actually his girlfriend. I think they just decided to go together to be included in the outing.

Last night all the parents had a meeting to talk about the itinerary and whatever money we all had to chip in. I thought that was kind of odd, but Jamie insisted I go. I drove as Jamie directed me to his friend's house until finally we parked here:

Holy crap. The house was huge. I suddenly remembered that this was the house of Jamie's friend who drives his own Hummer.

The meeting went fine. We saw a slide show (on the flat screen TV mounted over the fireplace) of the lake house the kids are going to after the prom. The house is nicer than the one I live in, yet it's their weekend get-away that they say they rarely go to.

The boys went upstairs to the game room, while the girls planned when to meet for their manicures before the prom. I sank down into the leather couch, hiding my unpainted toenails under the granite coffee table and wondered if I could stow away on the party bus they were renting to transport the kids up to the lake.

*sigh* It's nice that my son gets to have these experiences as long as he realizes that when it's over, he goes back to driving his Dad's old pick-up truck and spending the weekend cutting our tiny lawn.


Chicken & Waffles said...

In the old days when I actually went to prom, the biggest issue was whether I would be home by midnight, whether I had a fresh condom and whether I had the upper body strength to fend off unwanted advances. The notion of the weekend house for a communual prom night is unfathomable to me.

caryl said...

I know!! Well, there will be parental supervision, but still...

Kenzie said...

You know... I saw your picture of Henry on the right, and I wondered, "What in the heck did she take a picture of his behind for?!?!" And then I realized it said "Hen" and then "ry" That is too cute!! Lol ;]