Thursday, May 15, 2008

Taylor Does Broadway

Here's the song he'll be doing:

"Beauty School Drop Out"
Posted by Mary Colurso -- Birmingham News May 15, 2008 5:00 AM

Taylor Hicks will make his Broadway debut on June 6, playing Teen Angel in "Grease" at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.

Taylor Hicks said being in New York for three months will allow him to continue working on his next CD. He's been writing songs and recording demos in Nashville, Hicks said, and hopes to release a new single in the fall.

"I'm honored for the opportunity to experience Broadway," Hicks said Thursday. "I feel blessed and excited."

"This particular part, Teen Angel, really allows me to put my toe in the water and test the waters," Hicks said. "I've always been a little over the top, so this is perfect for me."

"It's a cool song," Hicks said. "I can see myself being able to Taylorize it. Who knows? Maybe I'll do the Elvis meets Aretha Franklin meets Joe Cocker version of 'Beauty School Dropout.' I don't think anybody's taken that approach yet. I'll get with the producers and sink my teeth into the role."


caryl said...

OK, I'm gonna vent right here in the safety of my own blog. I feel a little sick about this news. Is he an actor now?

Then again, it's an opportunity to experience Broadway. It's a very small part and he might have fun with it.

But on the other hand, shouldn't Taylor be focusing on his music?

But...some very cool people have played this role.

Then again, it seems as though he's turning into more of a "personality" and less of a musician.

*deep breath* All I can say with certainty is I'm glad the big announcement WASN'T that he's doing Celebrity Fit Club.

Anonymous said...

As a singer myself and as someone who, like Taylor, enjoys trying out all kinds of music, and since this is just a three month thing I think its fabulous. My other favorite Libra, Sting did a three month stint on broadway for a short time in a less popular show and no one thought any less of him, nor did him doing that role or any of the movie roles make him less of a "musician". Taylor loves to perform, so I hope he has a blast with it. I've looked into tickets but they are VERY expensive, so I'll have to see!

caryl said...

BTW, check out the video I posted for Taylor Tuesday. He sang, "New York State of Mind", which I thought was an odd choice for an Alabama fund raiser.

Julie said...

Well I'm with you, Caryl. I'm getting slammed in another blog for posting this, but it's all true:

I'm sorry, I love Grease (the movie) with a campy passion, and know all the songs by heart, but I love it in a way that's completely not how I love Taylor. Grease is camp, Taylor is soul. They just don't go together. It makes him look less serious about music and, given the teeniness of the part, just a little desperate for work. IMHO, of course.

Plus I don't believe he'll work on his CD while in NYC. I just don't.

Ray Charles would be so proud!


Kenzie said...


caryl said...

You know what else? He's gonna get so sick of signing the same song the same way 8 times a week for 12 weeks!

caryl said...

"SIGNING the same song..."Yes, that's right, Taylor will be doing the song in sign language. sheez...sorry all, for the typo.

Kenzie said...

lol!!! Caryl you are hilarious...