Monday, January 28, 2008

Gray Charles Chatters

Hey y'all! How've ya been? Remember the fun we used to have in GC chat? Remember how that photo of Taylor to the right of the chat room used to watch us? Remember how Jeff Lopez, or strangedesign (who claimed to be a friend of Taylor's) or Gray himself used to drop by?

What about that night a stranger dropped in for about 30 seconds, asking if we liked the shows and the venues. Right before he suddenly left he said, "Well, guess what? Hold on tight, it's only going to get better! dig!" We were all convinced it was Taylor. LOL!

I'm inviting you to leave a message for your fellow GC chatters just to say hi or share a favorite memory.

I'll start. I want you to know that many times you were more supportive of me than my own family was. And you were a helluva lot more fun than most of the people I dealt with all day!

I miss you.


Kenzie said...

Awwww... you are making me sad.

I miss everyone there! I haven't talked to SR or Texan or Womp or anyone else in forever!

I have lots of memories there, usually it's me and YoungCrazy being, well... Crazy.

My most memorable one though is when I went under a fake name one night, and made some crazy story about how I waxed Taylor. I think someone fell for it at one point. And other people came in and got REALLY ticked off. Started yelling at me.

HEY! I was having fun! And if you deny that you haven't had some kind of "ideas" about Taylor... well then... go climb a tree.

caryl said...

I think I'm going to make this my "Taylor Tuesday" entry. I'd like to let it ride for a few days and see what kinds of comments we get.

You made me laugh out loud, Kenzie! The waxing story is funny.

Jennifer said...

I miss the good old bad old days too!

We need to meet up more at Kenzie's or SR's.

TFHZone said...

Good times. Good times. I can't believe the hours I spent there. During the day and most of the night. Good thing not much was going on at work!

GC chat was THE place to be!

Chicken & Waffles said...

I seem to remember some naughty exchanges on latenight chat at CG's. I recall a group of us instructing a young bride on the art of the blowjob...which was really good fun with all of us frantically typing advice. Give us an inch (if you'll pardon the expression).

Soul Reporter said...

How did I miss this thread? I miss you guys too!! My favorite memory is the Oscar Meyer night. Remember that?

Julie said...

Aw!! All we gotta do is start another room, somewhere, somehow.

I've actually got copies of many many nights in chat, including the Oscar Meyer night. If you're a good, loving friend, I'll send you a copy. ;-)

My favorite night was all of them. Seriously.