Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

Who says he never takes a bad picture?

I'm thinking about pulling the plug on "Taylor Tuesday". I welcome any and all advice after you hear my sorry dilemma.

I think it may be time to behave like a "normal" fan. You know, buy ONE CD when it comes out, go to ONE show if he's in town, maybe read a story about him if it happens to catch my eye in some publication. (I think that photo above could help me get over my crush!)

I'm afraid that I've become a bore. Friends and family have been very patient with me, knowing that Taylor's uplifting performances have gotten me through some sad times. But even I feel like enough is enough.

The thing is, I've made some great friends along the way. Online friends became flesh and blood friends who have been there for me to share laughs as well as tears. Is it possible to leave obsessive fan love behind while keeping the friends made in that fandom? Sure, it looks good on paper, but is it really, truly possible?

What do you think?


tif said...


Please don't go! And what are you planning on doing once you become a "normal fan"? Is that really possible? ;)

If you decide to leave us, please keep in touch. I'm sure we will miss you and your witty humor.


caryl said...

I don't know what I'm doing yet, tif! I don't want to walk away from the friendships I've made. I'm looking for advice!

Chicken & Waffles said...

OK, I must be crazy, but he looks good in that picture to me. Any man who looks at me like he wants to slit my throat in a dark alley is someone I want to party with. I like them swarthy and dangerous. And why not?

Caryl--a fan means a multitude of things. It's never wrong to love the artist and the art. Whatever varying degree that takes on (and clearly TH brought that out in you) embrace it and appreciate the enjoyment you reckon from it. There's a reason why.

And no worries, Tif. Caryl is not going anyway. She is tied up in my apartment building basement under surveliience from my cute Cuban doorman Juan. It's only costing me a couple of C-notes, but it ensures we keep our Caryl with us for a long while.

caryl said...

At least you gave me a computer while I'm down here, CW!!

Chicken & Waffles said...

Must blog for food, baby!