Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Investigative Reporting

Elevate My Idol

Someone posted somewhere that Taylor's face doesn't appear with the other past winners in the opening of "American Idol". You know- they have that weird, futuristic elevator that the weird, robotic contestant rides up on and in the background are the faces of the previous winners. "Floor one, ladies lingerie, bedding, Kelly Clarkson..." OK, you know what I'm talking about.

I didn't really believe that AI would diss one of it's own winners . Maybe it was quick and the poster just didn't see it. So here's what I did for all of you in the name of investigative reporting. I recorded that blasted show last night and played back the opening frame by frame. No, really, I did! Get off my case, it was a slow night.

So, here's what I found out: She was right. No Taylor. We see Kelly... (going up) ...there's Ruben... (now we pass the third floor)... Fantasia... (continuing upward)... I see a blond, yep there's Carrie...OK, let's watch's a bit muddled, the contestant exits the elevator and walks on stage.

In the background on big screens we see three figures singing away: Carrie, an unknown torso, and Fantasia. The headless torso in a suit is-I assume- the "suggestion" of Taylor, but we never see its face. And finally, Jordan's face pops up on two sides of the screen.

Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie and Jordan are plainly seen. Taylor's face is never shown. Here's my question:

What did he do?


Kenzie said...

I think Taylor gave Mr.Davis a piece of his mind. I heard from rumor, that the two wrangled a bit. Never got along. And I've heard Taylor say something smart ass once about how, his first single was "Clive Davis' favorite song!"

caryl said...

But, wow! To be cut from the opening! I wonder if the "asshole years" have returned? Just wondering, mind you, I still love the guy.

Lubiana said...

I shouldn't matter what he did. The guy WON Season 5 and deserves to have his picture shown in the opening montage. End of story.

Julie said...

I thought I saw him last week at some's where they show all the winners at the moment they learn they won...cause I remember that shot of him grabbing his head with the bright light behind him. But you're right...he doesn't figure largely in the show at all.

I prefer to think of the whole elevator 'theme' at the beginning of Idol as an homage to his ride in the glass elevator at the Birmingham Galleria during home week - a ride my buds and I relived when we were there for Workplay.

This clip unexpectedly makes me feel all fuzzy inside...Caryl, watch it and all the Tay love will come flooding back, I promise. Especially when the news gals are talking about how tired he is, and you see him about to get up on the stage, and there's a moment where 'it' kicks in, and then he jumps out onto the hometown makeshift stage and gives it all he's got. Very touching.

Back to the topic, I think he's getting dissed cause he refused to kiss ass, plain and simple. That's a good thing IMHO, but he needs to follow through and put out his own kick-ass record to show them what he can really do.

caryl said...

You're right, lubiana! The fact remains that he did win, he deserves to be there.

Thanks for the clip, Julie! That's good stuff. Yummy, I might add.

I did read a quote from the record label when they were asked about dropping him. "He" (don't remember his name) said they didn't want to shove any songs down Taylor's throat. So I guess it sounds like he was difficult. But he still deserves to be in that montage.

I think I'm kinda pissed!

Jennifer said...

What did Taylor do?

He wasn't Daughtry.

I agree with lubiana though too. The people picked him, he deserves to be there.

JOJOSIE said...

I was over at which is largely inhabited by the younger fans of AI and even there folks were mentioning that Taylor wasn't shown and they didn't think it was fair and it wasn't just on the Taylor link it was on a general one so we TH fans aren't alone. I don't think Clive Davis has that much to do with AI. Taylor is the only Idol that didn't sign at least one year with 19 E and I'm sure he hasn't done a lot to endear himself as he knew something about the business and wasn't a yes man/woman. Maybe that's why they like young as they are easily lead. Never-the -less he did win and they need to respect him for that.

Trixi said...

I read an article that started out with " The truth needs to be known, Taylor Hicks was not dropped by the label". It stated that his lawyers were able to get him out of his contract because they presented to them evidence of breach of contract, for lack of promotion, and other factors. It also stated that there is basically a gag order in place and Mr. Hicks is not at liberty to comment on the deal for a certain amount of time. This makes sense to me since Taylor has only made a generic statement about the deal. This info was supposed to have come from someone on the inside. It didn't say if it was Taylor's or the record companies side. The record company has also left the door open for Mr.Hicks. They also don't want to shove music down his throat. Sounds like to me Mr. Hicks might have them by the balls.

Taylor is a smart man, that must be why he was waiting for the right time and was working up a plan to go to the record company with.

This is only my opionion of what I read. I don't know that it is true or not, but it does seem to make a lot of sense.

They were showing Taylor in the promo's before the season started. Now he has been decapitated? Makes me think the story could have some legs to stand on.

caryl said...

trixi: thanks for sharing that. That's really interesting and it supports what I wrote last week about the lack of promotion for Taylor's CD. This puts me right back in Taylor's corner. Grr! I hate those AI and Arista fat cats! They backed the guy who was easier to package.

Julie said...


Kenzie said...

Trixi, I like the sound of that.

Makes me jump and point and laugh at the American Idol fools, lol.