Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

by moto images
Dang, is he lookin' at me?

by moto images
Taylor and meatloaf. And the singer, Meatloaf. (That's some kind of weak attempt at poking fun at Taylor's tummy.)

Interview from the golf course:

So, Taylor got to play in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic again this year. Good for him.

OK, here's the thing. I can't seem to get excited about writing about Taylor playing golf. Last year we were all agog over the golfing photos. A friend of mine shared them in chat and with every picture, we exclaimed, "Wow!" "Hot!" "I LOVE golf!"

This year it's like, "Eh. Whatever". Could it be the obsession is fading? I still have a weird, unexplained affection for the guy. And who knows? Maybe if I saw him perform live I'd be right back in obsession-mode.

But for now, there's a kind of creepy quiet in Taylorland lately. Is everyone getting back to their lives? Anybody out there?


Kenzie said...


I watched the friggin Classic before I went to work 'cuz I heard he was there again! But not a glimpse! So I sadly went to work...

And now that my computer is FINALLY working for good. I'll continue to read the posts that I've missed :)

TFHZone said...

Funny you should mention this. I was talking to a friend yesterday, a former Taylor supporter I might add, and we both felt that Taylor has embraced his "celebrity" to the detriment of his career.

Where is the acoustic tour? Why don't we hear about him showing up in small clubs trying out some new tunes? (Think John Mayer) How long has it been since the tour was over?

I would hate to see him turn into musics version of George Hamilton.

caryl said...

Wow, I didn't think of that, tfhzone. Could the next stop be Hollywood Squares?

TFHZone said...

Center square.

caryl said...

With a bunch of FMAW waiting outside the studio to give him a gift! (I should talk)

TFHZone said...

Watch it Caryl! I resemble that remark. ;)

Julie said...

What's a FMAW? Is it a MILF only older? Ew.

And I think the momentum has definitely died down. It has for me anyway. But in the long run that could be a good thing...he can lose the SP along the way during this lull, then sneak back into small bluesy-type clubs and re-emerge with the right kind of audience. When that happens, you better believe I'll be there, with Jack Hall and Chicago Joe Jones.

Damn that Taylor. He needs someone to guide him! (ahem)

caryl said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure if anyone would remember FMAW from Gray Charles. It stands for "fawning middle-aged women". (That's SO me, sadly.)

I wonder if Taylor still wants it? I'm not even sure what I mean by "it". He seems to enjoy being a celebrity. I have to assume he still enjoys performing. Does he still want that traveling circus of fans? Maybe he forgot that there's usually a freak show outside the big tent.

caryl said...

BTW, I think it was Julie who had those fabu photos of Taylor playing golf last year. And it was Kenzie who was right there with me going ape-shit over them!

Remember when it was fun? :(

Kenzie said...


Lol, and yeah it was Julie spreading the pictures around, and I was there *right-click/save*-ing.

Man, this blows. I don't want it dwindle down. He's living his life like a candle in the wind!! (quoting an Elton John song that is completely off topic). But anyways, what are we gonna do when it's all over? I'm living in denial, I still think he can do it. At least I hope he does. That man has done a lot for me in an inspiring way. And I don't want to be foolish for having a hero that failed...

I think I feel a tear coming on...

TAYLOR DAMMIT. Get off your ass and SHOW us what you are made of!!

(And for those of you who's minds are wandering... I did NOT mean that in a naughty way!)

Jennifer said...

I disagree ladies.

The man's not a machine, the tour has not been over that long. People want more now, after he was on tour for almost a solid year and wrote a book and toured that? Give him some time, let him make the album he wants to make and make it GOOD!

caryl said...

I think we may be talking about a couple of different things at the same time.

I agree with you, Jennifer, that Taylor needs time to write and produce a CD that really says who he is as a musician.

But he may be reassessing the whole "soul patrol" thing. I thought it was curious that he addressed his last message to "all my fans and the soul patrol". It's a sticky situation, of course. He needs the soul patrol's financial support, but they may be turning new fans off. (Don't shoot the messager, I'm just reporting what I've heard!)

Anyway...my original question was: I wonder if his fans are losing interest? Things are awfully quiet out there.

Anonymous said...

hasn't he always said "all my fans and the soul patrol?" I know I've heard it before he said it recently, thats for sure.

My ga ga ness isn't fading, I just think we didn't have the cute posed golf close ups that we had last time.

still totally ga ga, in a way that I've never been ga ga before. lol