Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jonathan Edwards

NOT John Edwards, the senator, NOT John Edward, the psychic! This is Jonathon Edwards of the song, "Sunshine", from the 70's. ("Sunshine go away today...I don't feel much like dancing...")

This song- "Shanty" -is one of my all time favorite songs by anybody. Ever. Maybe because it was kind of my theme song in college. It's fun.

Some nice harmonica here. What do you think about Taylor doing this song? Would the Soul Patrol swallow their dentures?


JOJOSIE said...

I've been stopping by each day to see if you were back and today seems like my lucky day. So many of the fan sites aren't very light and fun so I really enjoy it here. I'm sure the Soul Patrol would like this song especially it Taylor did it. I'm very much a senior and I thought it was fun. I have my own teeth so that part woudn't apply to me. My motto is growing old is madatory but growing up is optional and I sure don't want to grow up.

caryl said...

jojosie, thanks for being a good sport! I really didn't mean to be insulting and it looks like you got that! I'm old enough to be Taylor's Mom, so whenever I make a joke about age-I'm poking fun at myself, too!

But, geez, now I have some thinking to do. I was going to stop doing "Taylor Tuesday", but you have a point. No one seems to be having fun anymore. If I can be a positive influence-even in my teeny, tiny way-maybe I should continue.

lois meyer said...

How did I miss this column from back in January! Song was very nice and I liked the harmonica touch, too. But how does it compare with Greg's favorite, "Swangin'."!

Table and chairs are always nice for sitting around but the danger is that the table can become a catch-all. You have to decide.

Love ya, Mom

caryl said...

Mom, how did you ever find this from way back in January? You must have had a lot of times on your hands!