Thursday, January 17, 2008

Project Runway

This week, the models were paraded out with wacky hairstyles which the designers were told to use as the inspiration for an avant-garde design. Tim later informed everyone that they would be working in teams of two: Chris and Christian; Kit and Ricky; Victorya and Jillian; and Rami and Sweet P.

Then, at what seemed to be the last minute, Tim announced that they would need to make a second garment -- a ready-to-wear design that "expresses the essence of the avant-garde design".

Chris and Christian won with the design in the above photo. I gotta tell ya, I haaaate it. I don't think the second garment related at all to this absurd get-up, either:

But then, I'm not a fashion designer or a TV producer, so what do I know?

Though I wouldn't wear it, I loved the aesthetics of this design created by Victorya and Jillian:

The tan pants don't make any sense to me, but I love the surprise of the shiny, playful plaid underneath the stark, buttoned-down black exterior.

And, apropos of nothing, when was poking around at the official Project Runway website, I found some sketches up for auction. They only have the ones from the first couple of episodes at this point, but I found the sketch for the dress we all loved to hate, the one Heidi said made it look like the model was "poo-ing fabric". The sketch sold for $145.

Oh, and, Kit was asked to take her berets and leave:


David Dust said...

How can you hate the ORGANZA!?

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caryl said...

I guess I'm tired of this "We're too cool for you" attitude from the fashion world. C'mon, the thing sprouting from her shoulder looks ridiculous!

Chicken & Waffles said...

Caryl, you know how I felt about this fabulous's coming....I can't hold back....any second now.....FIERCE!!

Jennifer said...

caryl, I am with the chicken.

What I loved about this design was that it was totally over the top, which really was what the assignment was all about. I mean - 40 yards of fabric! Holy hell! That's ambition.

caryl said...

I guess you guys are "in" and I'm "OUT"! :)

Chicken & Waffles said...

I was waiting to say this for so long (but with love):

Auf Wiedersehen, Caryl.

caryl said...

Well, that weird protrusion coming off that gown looks like a wing, so I guess I can use it to fly awaaaay!

TFHZone said...

I *ah-hum* was in Paris a few years ago during the spring collection showings. I didn't go to any shows - Paris Hilton had already given out all of her passes - but I did go into one of the big designers boutiques with a male friend of mine. They had a few items in the store, so while he tried on some shirts and slacks, I looked through the "book" the salesperson gave me.

Other than a few items, shirts, scarves and accessories, most of the clothes on the racks were used for fitting then you ordered what you wanted.

Anyway, before I forget my point, The Book contained many of the mens suites being shown that week.

I couldn't believe it! Some of them looked like womens suites. Giant shoulder pads, nipped waists, peplum bottoms on the jackets gave the men a perfect hour glass figure.

I was snickering over the pictures when the sales person gently informed me that those are for the show only. What you would buy would not be as exaggerated. Then he showed me the same suit, but made like a real person would wear it.

Reminded me very much of this episode. Except I didn't feel like a country bumpkin after it was over. Ha! I'm sure they said some choice things about Americans after we left the store!

caryl said...

Very cool story, tfhzone. I've been to Paris twice and have only shopped in the big department store there! I have no class. I'm a chick from Long Island, what do I know?

You know, I "get" the dress that won and I understand that much of those fashion shows are theater. The designers don't actually expect anyone to go from the runway to the sidewalk.

Maybe I'm getting old, but I'm not amused by it anymore. I mean, what's the point? Show me something I can f-ing wear to the next gala I have to attend with my husband (snooze-o-rama) or a job interview (where'd that come from?) or my next meeting with CW (haha! the girl's got style- I have to make an effort next time!).