Monday, January 7, 2008

Ferguson Tuesday

(I was planning to come up with something for "Taylor Tuesday", but I'm still on a Craig Ferguson high, so I'm giving Taylor the cold shoulder this week. We'll be back to normal next Tuesday.)

Craig Ferguson, The Late Late Show

I'm gonna "Reader's Digest" my story and give you the condensed version. But, let me tell you, the original lost post was brilliant. I laughed, I cried, I wet my pants a little. Too bad you'll miss having that experience.

Craig Ferguson
Sunday night

Too condensed? OK, here you go: I saw Craig Ferguson's stand-up act last night with my Mom. I'm a big fan of his (and have mentioned before that I've got a little crush on him.) The show was a blast. He got a standing ovation just by walking out on stage. He told us, "Calm down! I suck live!"

He didn't suck. And, except for some minor penis jokes (notice I didn't say "little" penis jokes), he wasn't too racy for my Mom. We both had a great time.

When I was a kid, my Mom opened my eyes to this "let's meet the star of the show by the back-stage door" thing. So when I suggested that we try to get an autograph, she was up for it.

We walked around back and found a car and driver waiting, but no other fans. And when a security guard shooed us behind a barrier, I started feeling embarrassed, like a shameless groupie. We decided to leave, but other fans started to gather. We stuck it out.

We didn't wait long and when Craig came out, he was very warm and friendly to everyone. He actually looked me in the eye, smiling as he listened to my compliments about a movie of his I had recently seen. He thanked me for my kind words.

I got his autograph and then my Mom asked him if she could take our picture. I wasn't expecting that, so when he put his arm around me and kind of pulled me into him, the giggly celebrity worshiper in me came out and the camera flashed. I look like a twelve-year-old trapped in a forty-something's body, but he looks pretty damned good:

(It's my blog and I'll cut myself out if I want to!)

Maybe I should start a "Ferguson Friday" feature? Nah. I'm already in enough trouble with my husband.

If you have the opportunity to see anything Craig Ferguson is involved in-GO!


Kenzie said...

Haha! You're a riot! That's neat though, not too many people can say that they met a Talk Show Host, and a good one at that!

You can also say that you've met an American Idol winner too. That'll show the lazy, I don't want to go out of my house, people.

caryl said...

Hey, I didn't lose Kenzie's comment! Yeah!!

Remember the discussion we had once about "The List"? I'm working my way down the list, baby! But still no action. hmpf!

Jennifer said...

I met Barbara Bush once. I accidentally cut in line in front of her at a bookstore in Kennebunkport.

caryl said...

Oh no you di-ant! Really, Jennifer? That's funny.

Julie said...

DON'T CUT YOURSELF OUT!!! Goofball. I want to see your cute face!!

caryl said...

I'm not really a vain person, Julie, but I look so strange in that photo that I don't even look like me! And I always feel a little weird about posting my photo on the Internet, anyway.

BUT I did add another picture which just shows a sliver of the side of my face. whoa! Livin' dangerously!

TFHZone said...

Oooooh..Ferguson. Hot! There's something about that accent.

I pinched Burt Reynolds ass once. Back in the day when he was young and hot.

I also met TFH once. Or was it twice?

Did you slip Ferguson your number? ;)

caryl said...

Thank you, tfhzone, for recognizing the hotness factor! I think it's pretty impressive that you pinched Burt Reynolds butt. Wow. I hope Jennifer didn't do that to Barbara! (j/k, Jenny-Jenny)

Nah. I didn't give the man my phone number. He had just done about five minutes talking about his huge penis, so I was frightened.

Maybe I should turn my blog into some kind of shrine to all the celebs I think are hot.

Eh. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

caryl said...

Craig, if that was you, I apologize. Ha! I've matured greatly in the past couple of years. It's about time, considering I'm your age!

You're a brilliant comedian, actor and author. And a very decent guy, too. See how I've learned to kiss up as well? I've really blossomed.