Saturday, January 5, 2008

Spit Be Gone!

Elisa's losing design.

Sorry for the lateness of this entry. My Mom is visiting and since my husband acts like my daddy, I feel as though I have both parents correcting my behavior all day. And let's not forget psycho-puppy following me around, nipping at my feet. (No official name yet, but I've been calling him "Crazy-ass". Hey-CW or Julie, if you read this, how do you say "Crazy-ass" in French?)

Anyhoo, back to the topic. This week on Project Runway, the designers were taken to Hershey's flagship store in Times Square. They were given 5 minutes to run around and grab supplies for their outfits.

Luckily there were textiles available: shirts, bags, etc...But some of the designers opted to work with candy wrappers.

Christian's dress.

One used actual candy (licorice):

Jillian's dress looked pretty cute in motion on the runway, though the bodice looks stiff here in the photo.

Rami won the challenge with this design

and Elisa, our resident hippy freak who marks her fabric with her own spit, was sent home.

I'll leave all commentary to you faithful readers, as my mother, husband/daddy and psycho puppy are waiting for me downstairs.


Julie said...

Caryl, please forgive me laughing at your expense, but I have to snicker at how quickly you went from "the sweetest, tiniest thing I've ever seen" to "psycho-puppy following me around, nipping at my feet".

I like Crazy-ass! But I have no idea how to say it in's kind of slangy. I would guess you might could just call him "Dingue" (pronounced 'dang') which means crazy. That's kind of cute!

And the chocolate wrapper dresses are fabulous.

caryl said...

Oh Julie, Julie, you gotta live with this dog. He WAS sweet at first. Then I guess he got comfortable with us and has gone bonkers! He's not mean, just very spirited. He's either at level 0 (asleep) or level 10 (running through the house, chewing everything in his path, barking and wagging his tail like a whip.)

Dingue is a possiblity!

TFHZone said...

I like the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups dress the best. I bet it smelled so good. mmmm peanut butter and chocolate.

I bet that model was digging around in the garbage looking for the discarded peanut butter cups after having to wear that dress.

Caryl, your little psyco puppy won't be like that forever. Give him about 2 years. Then he'll calm down. ;-)

Julie said...

Poor little Dingue! He can't help being a gangly, spirited, whoop ass li'l puppy!

Only two years, Caryl. Surely you can handle that. ;-)