Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Cards

(I'm re-posting this, because I really believe in it.)

Stop right there! Before you buy your Christmas cards, I wish you would consider getting them through a charity. I used to design my own cards and print them up (Too much creative energy! See post titled, "One Crafty Mother"), but then it dawned on me that buying them from a charitable organization is a win-win situation. I need the cards, they need the money.

I'm sure you can find one that you like, but here are a few that I know about:


Soul Reporter said...

That's a great idea, caryl. I just may send out cards this year. I always plan to but never seem to get around to it. I've been catching up on your blog. I'm happy you ended up having a nice Thanksgiving, the lake view looked beautiful. I love being near the water. I live near Lake Michigan and sometimes just drive the 15-minutes and watch the waves come in. I love that sound. I am a Project Runway junkie too. I've watched every season. That dress that she made was cute without all that poo-ing fabric, don't ya think? She has talent, but she is very strange. Like how she puts a spit mark on her fabric? LOL. If I had her make something for me, I wouldn't let her spit on it. We need a reunion, girl! Let's pick a day. Sundays are good for me.

caryl said...

Hey, SR! Thanks for reading here. Sunday is good for me! Spread the word and let's get everyone together. I miss everyone.

Julie said...

Where are we meeting?

Anonymous said...

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