Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Taylor Tuesday

photo by amyrebo*

March 26, 2007, People Magazine: "Of course he dons a hat so nobody knows who he is. 'I've walked through a thousand fans and nobody notices,' Hicks told People."

Not so fast, there, buddy. Some fans don't notice and some simply respect your privacy.

One of my favorite memories of the summer tour was watching Taylor pull this off in front of the Norva Theater. I was standing outside as fans started to gather for the show. A limo pulled up and spat out more people than I thought a limo could hold. Like a clown car, a seemingly endless line of drunken, giggling women spilled out on to the curb.

My little group traded eye-rolls and I casually glanced at two guys walking up from the other direction to the theater. One of them was Taylor. He had his cap pulled down low and he stared at the ground. He walked right past me.

I waited until he was just about inside, pointed at his back and said to my friends, "THAT was Taylor!" He must have heard me because he turned, looked at me through the glass door and laughed. I pointed at him as if to say, "Oh, you!" and he doubled over, laughing harder.

He dodged a bullet. What do you think would have happened if the clown car women had recognized him? Have you witnessed Taylor sneaking by his fans?

*To be fair, Taylor wasn't avoiding his fans when this photo was taken. amyrebo tells me: "The photo was taken outside of the Capital Center in Concord, NH. He wasn't trying to hide from anyone that night as he stood and chatted with our group of fans for about 10 minutes after the show. "


Chicken & Waffles said...

That book signing in NYC where we hung out reeked of obvious fan avoidance to me, frankly.

WhompGirl said...

House of Blues - Chicago March 07
My husband and I saw the concert the previous night. Stayed at House of Blues Hotel. Next morning we were waiting for the driver to bring our car around. Two men got out of the elevator and walked past us (one in baseball cap). I didn't think anything of it until my husband said, "Good show last night." The man turned around and said "thanks." I didn't realize it was Taylor until he passed. Almost killed my husband for not giving me a warning. Then a bunch of girly fans surrounded him outside. I decided to just watch him walk to his bus and let him have his privacy at least from one fan. Ahhh....another day!

amyrebo said...

I love your blog! Just curious on the photo you are sharing today. Did you take this at the Norva show?

Kenzie said...

No, I haven't seen him. But if I had the chance... I would act like I had no clue, and start a conversation.

"Look at all these crazy women! I mean that Taylor Hicks guy has got to be crazy! What do you think man?"

caryl said...

No, amyrebo, I didn't take that photo. I don't know where that was taken, Kenzie do you know?

whompgirl: Great story! You're so lucky that your husband went to the show with you. Mine won't go.

Kenzie: dare you to do that next time!

amyrebo said...

The photo was taken outside of the Capital Center in Concord, NH. He wasn't trying to hide from anyone that night as he stood and chatted with our group of fans for about 10 minutes after the show.

I've not witnessed him trying to hide from anyone at the various shows I attended this year. If I see him, on his own time, I leave him alone. He deserves his privacy as much as the next guy.

caryl said...

amyrebo: thanks for clearing that up! I hope I didn't imply that Taylor always avoids the fans, because I know he doesn't.

Maybe next week I'll tell another story about how he stopped and spoke to all the fans, just to make that clear.

But hey! What does everyone think would have happened if the drunken women had spotted him? You know they would have chased him down. It would have been like a scene out of "Hard Day's Night"!

caryl said...

Oh, btw, amyrebo, if you know who took that photo, I'd like to give her credit.

amyrebo said...

After careful analyzation, I have determined this to be my photo! It's been trimmed & flipped - the shirt says Montreux on it (I know, because I made it) and the spelling is backwards in your photo. I have others like this if you'd like to see them. :-)

Kenzie said...

If I get the chance I definitely will!

Somehow, one way or the other I will have a, CONVERSATION, with him. Not a "OH MY GOD!! I voted for you a MILLION times!" chat, lol. I almost did once, but that stupid little whored up mom, in her high heels, and cleavage revealing nipple cover, got in the way.

Caryl, there's one example of a drunken woman who might scream Taylor's name in a dark alley, lol.

caryl said...

Kenzie, we need to all pool our money and hire him to entertain. Afterwards, we can sit and have that conversation.. or whatever ;).

Kenzie said...

Of course!

And then WE can be the drunk women!

Hehehehe --hiccup-- hehehehe... :D

Tapp said...

Straw is going to KILL ME for telling this story, but it's pretty famous now, so I don't care.

In V'burg, StrawGirl, Hotard and I were walking into the hotel (in a single file line in that order). We were walking single file because a man was coming out juggling bags and shirts on hangers. He had on a ball cap and was looking down, but I think it was at the clothes. I noticed his Elvis shirt and by the shape of his chest, I realized it was Taylor. I looked up just as he started to pass me and noticed a bit of gray poking out of the side of his cap. I calmly said, "Have a good show tonight" and he replied, "Thanks" and we both kept walking. As we got to the elevator, Straw turned and asked who that was. After her freak out that she walked past him and didn't recognize him, she admitted that she looked at the luggage at one point and thought it must be Taylor's luggage. Hahahahaha.

caryl said...

amyrebo: yes! I'd like to see the other photos!

tapp: love that story! Wonder why Taylor was dealing with his own bags? The thing is, what would StrawGirl have done, anyway? He would have been pissed if someone had stopped him at that point. Oh, man...I just had a thought. What if you offered to help him with his bags? Maybe it's best if you don't think about it!