Saturday, December 22, 2007

Billy Joel & Elton John- You May Be Right

I feel this weird connection to Billy Joel. We're both from Long Island, we both play piano and we both have a thing for blond models (har, har).

I got married on Long Island and when my Mom went to pick up my wedding dress at the dry cleaners, a customer in there commented that it was pretty. Turns out that woman was Billy Joel's first wife.

His first album was titled, "Cold Spring Harbor" and that happens to be one of my favorite towns on LI. My art teacher in High School took the whole class there on a field trip once to sketch the buildings.

I know, it's a bunch of tiny, unimportant details but these little reminders keep bringing me back to Billy Joel's music. I'm a big fan. And I don't care if that's not cool.

He caught my attention in a big way after I saw him perform on my college campus. Strange story. I was asked to go by a guy I didn't know very well. I didn't see him around much after he asked me and then my ticket showed up in my mailbox. What the heck did that mean?

Maybe he didn't want to go with me anymore? Maybe it was a reminder about the date? I didn't have a clue, but decided to use the ticket anyway. I made arrangements to go with some friends but the guy showed up after all.

Billy Joel puts on a kick-ass show. At least he did that night in my University auditorium. Very high energy. At one point, he ran down the center aisle and played around with the lights. So fun. The next day I bought his latest album.

That night I got to know a guy who's been a part of my life ever since. And I ain't talkin about that jerk who took me to the show. Who was he, anyway?

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