Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chris is back!

Wow. It was an eventful episode for Project Runway fans. Jack took himself out of the competition because of an aggressive infection in his mouth. On the phone with his doctor he called it MRSA, a staph infection which has been in the news lately because of its resistance to antibiotics. Jack said he's had it before, so hopefully, he'll be fine. FYI, MRSA killed my Dad, so it's nothing to fool around with.

I truly feel sad for Jack (maybe they'll let him come back next season?) but the good news is that Chris was given a second chance. Back to bad news: I hated his design:

It actually doesn't look bad in this photo, but the judges said it made her look like a 50's hooker in Paris. Now that's specific!

For this challenge, the designers had to rework a favorite outfit of women who have lost a significant amount of weight.

Christian won with this look:


Steve was eliminated with what Heidi called a french maid's outfit. I have to agree. He had yards of fabric from a wedding dress to work with, but used only enough to turn a black dress into pilgrim chic. I liked Steve, but he really blew it:


Julie said...

Is it okay to hate all of them? Chris' creation looks like a mannequin at a Five and Dime store. And that black thing with the pilgrim touches...I mean, why bother if that's all you got in you? My cat can design something better than those outfits.

Wish I had cable...I'd love to watch this show!

caryl said...

Yea, it's a pretty fun show. The designers are presented a challenge and we get to see their whole process: from sketches to shopping for fabric to fitting their models frantically as the clock clicks down.

The right people never win, just like on every reality show. Oops, I mean, except for AI. I guess.

Chicken & Waffles said...

OK, to start--I am so happy Chris is back. I *heart* him. I was sad, however, Jack had to leave. That broke my heart. Why couldn't the metaphysical designer--she who spits to mark sizing--leave instead?

Poor Steve. That was a henious dress to work with. He was like a mini John Malkovich. Furtive and creepy and oddly appealing.