Thursday, December 6, 2007

Styles:One Year You're In, The Next- You're Out

The challenge this week on Project Runway was to take an out-of-date style and give it a modern feel. Chris wound up with an impossible task: make shoulder pads look new. Heh? Shoulder pads are shoulder pads. What the heck can you do with them?

He made a short little shrug (as you can see in the above photo) which I thought was wise since they are very much in style right now. Adding the shoulder pads, unfortunately, shoots you right back to "Dynasty" and Joan Collins. Poor Chris. Doomed. He wound up going home.

I like the looks that won:

Not crazy about this collar, though:


Kenzie said...

Shoulder Pads are impossible!!! That was unfair by a long shot!

And yeah... the collar... ew.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Why Ricki (Mister Sensitive) didn't go home is a mystery!! That skank wear he pinned together isn't good enough for a 9th Avenue hooker.

You heard me..!

I liked Chris March. He was verging on fabulosity.

Soul Reporter said...

Are there any spoiler sites for Project Runway? I'm dying to know what the shocking news is for next week. Looks like one of them is taking themselves out of the competition, but that could just be the editing. Ricki gets on my nerves. I just don't see talent there.

caryl said...

Well, SR, they did mention briefly in one show that Jack is HIV positive, and they show him standing with Tim Gunn while they're making some announcment, so I'm guessing he has health issues.