Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Taylor Tuesday

(it's my blog and I'll make up words if I want to!)

I promised amyrebo that I'd show the flip side of my "Incognito" post of last week. I've seen Taylor interact with his fans a few times, but the one that stands out was after the show in Tampa.

There was a small crowd and since it was early in the tour, we didn't know for sure if we'd see Taylor leaving the theater. We hoped we might be able to snap a quick photo as he walked to the bus. Our cameras were ready and every time the backstage door opened, we raised them smartly into position. Roadies came out, cameras jumped up and were quickly lowered as we shared a disappointed groan. Poor guys!

People started playing with us, telling us Taylor was already gone, or opening the door slowly as a tease before they showed their faces. The opening act, The Greyhounds, came out and took OUR picture.

Finally, some excitement towards the front, flashes of light and (with a bit of straining) I could see Taylor dramatically posing. Finally, he said, "Well, don't y'all have something for me to sign?"

We were unprepared and scrambled for any paper we could come up with. A woman in front of me had him sign her candy box:

He was very patient.

The fans were nice, too. They politely moved away when they were done so the people in the back could move up and have a moment with Taylor. He signed my concert ticket and I said, "I thought Jeff Lopez was supposed to tour with you."
He answered, "Yeah, he was..."but didn't offer any more information.

I realized I should give up my plum spot to someone else, so I left before Taylor did. I don't know how long he stayed out there, but everyone who walked away was excited and happy.

He didn't have to stop. Those of us waiting would have been happy with a photo of him waving as he walked to his bus. But he did stop and offered to sign whatever we had. Look what he started!

Taylor leaving the NYC book signing.


Julie said...

Candy box? He signed her candy box??? Now that's just weird. Although come to think of it, I'd like him to do something with my candy box...but not that kind!

Kenzie said...

The candy looked like Milk-Duds... Melt in your mouth, not in your hand? ;)

Heck, I'm buying a pizza, eating it in the theater next time, and having him sign it. I'll save a slice for him too, lol.

caryl said...

Y'all can make anything filthy when it comes to TFH!

I've heard he'll sign anything but skin. bummer.

Kenzie said...

Sooo... we have him sign our underwear, while we're wearing it. ;) lol. I need a life...

caryl said...

Kenzie! You found a loop hole, I love it! Someone has to try that during the next tour.

Julie said...

Sign my THONG, baybee.

Kenzie said...

Taylor: "But... my marker doesn't work on silk."