Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yep- I Got A Puppy!

My husband had me pretty convinced that we wouldn't have a pet for a long time. We talked about it just this past Saturday and he listed the reasons why it's been nice to be pet-free. I'd prefer peace at the homestead, so I accepted it, went to my room and had a little cry.

But then Christmas morning, after we opened our gifts, we were invited to a friend's house for coffee. There he was, all wrapped up in a blanket with a red bow around his neck: an 8 week old, miniature dachshund. He's the sweetest, tiniest thing I've ever seen. We're all afraid we're going to step on him. In fact, I think I'm going to put a bell on his collar so that doesn't happen.

Greg and I actually prefer big dogs, but we don't have much of a yard and we wanted a dog that can travel with us easily. Don't expect me to pull a "Paris Hilton", though, dressing him up and carrying him around in an expensive bag. That ain't the way I roll.

Once the puppy got used to us, he became pretty feisty, stalking our shoelaces and pouncing like a bunny. When he really gets going, he'll let out a little puppy bark. VERY scary.

Now, here's where you come in. I need your help! I'm as bad at coming up with names as Gwenyth Palthrow is. (Remember? Her children are named "Apple" and "Moses".) I over-think it and wind up with something stupid. My second baby didn't get a name for two days because we had to take a family vote ("James" won). So, weigh-in over there on the right, or add something new in the "comments" section. Little "no-name" thanks you!


Dan Tangel said...

Okay, here's my vote. I always wanted to name my dog either Fred or Ralph. I always lost out to names like Phiesty and Simba. You need a name that Greg can yell out the back door. No Poopsie or Pixie or Floopsie - a good ol' man's name. Ralph, Fred or just plain Dog. You can also call him Son of a *itch because techinically that's correct and it is his given name the first time he craps on the floor and Greg steps in it in his barefeet.
Happy new Year and a belated merry Christmas.

tif said...

What a cutie!! I'm happy to hear about your newest family memeber.

Name? I think a fellow like that needs to be named....Duke. A little package with a big punch.. kinda thing.. lol.

Our first dog was named Duke, he was a shepard/chow mix.. huge dog.. with plenty of "bite". I guess I'm sorta fond of the name..

Have fun with you new little friend... :)

Kathy said...

He is the cutest thing.
oh my gosh I can't believe you are even asking us for a name. It should be soooo must name him HICKS or Taylor....or Soul didn't mean that last one. Taylor is a great boy name...but I wonder if it would bother Greg to yell for the dog that is associated with the man that make you go hubba bubba.!!! hum???? I say go for it.

Kathy said...

oh my gosh I can't believe you are even asking us for a name. It should be soooo must name him HICKS or Taylor....or Soul didn't mean that last one. Taylor is a great boy name...but I wonder if it would bother Greg to yell for the dog that is associated with the man that make you go hubba bubba.!!! hum???? I say go for it.

caryl said...

Well, if I went with Taylor, we'd have to spell it TAILor. But then people would think he alters clothes.

The name Taylor never even crossed my mind, which means the crush may be fading. Oh no! What will I talk about? I'll have to find someone new to lust after.

HEY! Did you guys vote? Go to the top of the page, on the right.

Soul Reporter said...

How about Moxie? haha

Chicken & Waffles said...

OK, props to your man for getting you the perfect gift. You needed that shiny sweet bundle of joy.
And I think that li'l fellow has got Roscoe written all over him (but of course, I have a thing for waffle making men named Roscoe).

TFHZone said...

My dad has one of these little monsters. I say monster because he's a "one person dog," and that person is my father. He's always with my father. If anyone gets close to my dad, Charlie will show his teeth and growl.

For a little dog, he's got big teeth. Of course that's when he's snarling which is any time he's not alone with my dad and step-mom.

Charlie (I call him Chuckles just to piss him off) has no problem taking on my giant sized Golden Retriever. In his beady brown eyes she's smaller than him. In truth, she's 100 pounds to his 8.

Good luck with that pint-sized pit bull! ;)

TFHZone said...

I neglected to mention that little Buster (Pointdexter?) is a precious little doll.

nisemono3.14 said...

What a adorable Christmas gift!!!

One word of advice if I may... Start training immediately... and neuter ASAP. These dogs are adorable and cute and cuddly... but the males are territorial. What I mean by that is that you will constantly be finding urine on your table legs if you don't stop the habit first.

Still... He is ultra cute, and they have very distinctive personalities.

caryl said...

"Caryl! Reality check calling!" haha!

All good advice. Our previous dog was a dachshund (and I still have to check the spelling!), so we kind of have an idea of what we've gotten ourselves into!

Sparky used to pee on my husbamd's shoes as a sign of submission. Oh, the yelling! The urine smell!

Good times.

I haven't been online much because I'm busy learning about the pooch and making sure he's safe at all times. It's like having a baby in the house. A baby that will chew through electrical wires.

I'm exhausted. But I wuv him. Still no name. I'm waiting to see what happens with the poll. Thanks everyone!

Soul Reporter said...

We miss you online, caryl! I voted in your poll, but I'm thinking Taylor might not be a bad name; that way, just in case you say the name in your sleep . . .

tif said...

I keep coming back to look at this little cutie.. Sigh... he's making me want a pom! We had to put our little pom down a few years ago and I miss her terribly.. So... today on a site I visit frequently... there was a listing for a free registered Pomeranian!!
I'm waiting for a reply from the owner.. someone talk some sense into me, I really don't need another dog!

caryl said...

Oh, man, don't come to me for advice! I'm putty in their paws.

Tojo said...

for them wiener dogs I've always thought the best names were either Kim or Cam

why? cause "KM" stands for Ketchup & Mustard and "CM" stands for the alternate spelling of "Catsup" & Mustard

Julie said...

Rosie votes for "Rascal", though her second choice isn't on the's Taylor, of course. Last year when we were thinking about getting a pup (which we finally did, and she already had a name, Jazz, which is great cause when she poops on a walk we can say "Jazz is leaving her number") there was one I saw on an online adoption page. His name wasn't Taylor, but was "Taylor Hicks". He was a beagle. He was adorable. So all that to say, what about "Taylor Hicks" for a name?

Or Roscoe, which I like a lot.

Julie said...

Oh, and Dan, my first dog when I was six years old was named Ralph. He was a cutie, but I was a mean owner. I used to put rocks in his food bowl and laugh cause he'd come running, since it sounded like dog food, and then would be confused to see ROCKS.

Dang, I've been mean since I was born...

caryl said...

Julie, Jazz was the very first name I thought of! I told the boys we could name him Jakob James Zimmerman (their names), but call him Jazz. Nobody liked it!

Julie, don't be talkin' to Danny! He's an old boyfriend of mine and he's very smooooooth. (j/k! I like to bust his chops)

Oh, and I just can't name him Taylor Hicks. I'm thinking of giving up that "sexy bastard" (as you so aptly called him) for the New Year. Free at last! Thank God almighty! Yeah, right. I've said that before.

Julie said...

Jacob James Zimmerman is the best name yet. Shun the naysayers and go for it! Then you will have a Jazz and I'll have a Jazz, and they can have a play date!

You must NOT give up the sexy bastard! He needs you, Caryl!!!!

caryl said...

You're right. The sexy bastard does need me. He needs all the fans he can get. And all I ask in return is that he show a little appreciation. ;)