Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Taylor Tuesday

"Geez, Caryl! This is quite a Christmas list you've got here!
Gimme a minute to stretch and I'll see what I can do."

Hope all your Christmas wishes come true!
Happy Holidays!


Chicken & Waffles said...

We ALL know what's at the top of that list, my dear! Did Santa deliver?

Happy holidays, Caryl! Sending you love and best wishes for a wonderful holiday celebration and a bright new year! xoxo

tif said...

I am proudly displaying my Caryl and Taylor Christmas card on my island with my daughters gingerbread house. They both look wonderful!

Wishing you the best Christmas ever and the Happiest New Years to come.

wompuss said...

thank you SO much for the wondermouse Christmas card!

Soul Reporter said...

I just opened your card today! Thank you, caryl. I just got busy and my mail was piling up in the car. Seems like I live in the car anymore! lol Anyway. . . Santa was not good to me, didn't get what I wanted. Hope he was better to you!! And if he was, I know you'll tell us all about it. ;-)

Julie said...

AHEM. I didn't get a Caryl and Taylor Christmas card.


And I love this picture of you and The Man. You are, as usual, adorable.

caryl said...

Julie! I'm blushing. Send me your address and I'm send you a card!