Friday, February 8, 2008

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Every now and then my Mom tries out for a game show. She's a brilliant woman, but she hasn't made it on to one yet. A couple of months ago she went into NYC with my sister, Cathy, (another brainiac) to try out for the "Millionaire" show.

Here's her account of what the process is like:

"We got to New York at 67th Street at 9:15 a.m. to stand in a line, in the rain!, and wait until about 10:00 be allowed into the building. After a security check, '...what do you have in that bag, lady?', we were moved to another line that was, gratefully, outside the bathrooms. After a potty break, we were back on line and then ushered up some rickety stairs to the sound stage for the show.

The seating is built like an amphitheater with seating in the round. After they had seated and shifted people around to their liking, we were given the test. 30 questions to answer in 10 minutes. Do you really remember what an unequal triangle is called or what they call a mixed bag of music? We thought we were smart to know who the senator from Illinois is!

Out of about 250 applicants only 20 people passed the written audition test and I am embarrassed and crestfallen to say that neither Cathy nor I were among the lucky and bright 20. We were really bummed!

So then more waiting.They told us there were technical difficulties they were working on. The warm up guy did his best to keep everyone happy.

Finally things got underway.

Meredith Viera was very nice and it was interesting to see the contestants struggle through their questions -BUT - we were there for three shows! The warm up guy had to keep us at a fever-pitch of loudness and enthusiasm. They resorted to tossing t-shirts into the audience (Cathy got one that she gave to me because it was a double X) and bribing us with cassettes (I got one of obscure music that Bruce seemed mildly interested in).

No water, food or potty breaks until we were all released at 3:00 p.m.

What a day! But we saw the inner workings of the show and that's always interesting.

Will I go again? In a heart-beat! I want to pass that test!"

So, have any of you ever been on a game show? Tell us about it!


Chicken & Waffles said...

Go, Caryl's Mom! What an adventure!

caryl said...


I tried to post this but for all my supposed knowledge I still can't remember how to publish a comment.

Alrighty Mrs Meyer and Cathy ! I was on a game show. Our high school was on It's Academic and I was the math wiz. Well it started off very poorly. Any trig or calculus question seemed like I was being asked the name of the character from a Henry David Thoreau novel. (Now ask me a question about "Jaws" by Peter Benchley and I would have been fine) I recovered though and we won but with no great help from me.

Go for it again Mrs. Meyer. This way we can watch you on TV and say, " GEEEZZZZ ! I even knew that one."

Hint -Don't use me as a lifeline