Friday, February 29, 2008

Women I Admire

WOMAN #1: Gail

Last weekend, the hubby and I drove up to Gail's lake house. She was having some work done on her dock and had to fire the crew because they were making little progress.

Gail is a no-nonsense kinda gal. We've known her for years through my husband's job. In fact, she was his boss at one time. If Gail faces a stumbling block caused by someone else, well, dammit, she'll just do it herself.

Gail seems to do everything well. She originally studied to be a jeweler but after graduation, decided to go back and get her degree in engineering. She's now a high-ranking engineer with an oil company. (Who still makes jewelry, by the way.)

She's a gourmet cook, has an eye for interior design and sews whatever she can't find in a store. She also took up carpentry along the way.

And so, of course Gail knew her way around a table saw and an electric drill. She became foreman to Greg, the crew. While the dogs looked on, the two of them tackled the arduous task of rebuilding the dock:

Gail's dog, Chase, kickin' back with Henry.

"Damn, I still can't get down the stairs! I'd looove to chew on some of those boards!"

Henry found a bit of shade:

There's Gail's other dog, Khaki, in the background.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling sick and was pretty worthless all day. Look at how pitiful I was:

Those tireless dock builders worked all day, until the light was almost gone:

Then they got up and did it all again on Sunday, while I bravely took care of my cold:

WOMAN #2: Chicken & Waffles

Because I respect her privacy, I'll use her online name, post NO photos and reveal nothing about her private life.

*crickets* do I write about her?

Chicken & Waffles is a woman I look up to. (OK, I didn't give anything away there) She lives a fast-paced life, doing a job...that...uh...I think it's safe to say that she's a Senior Vice President with her company. Hello? Did you hear me? SENIOR Vice President.

She churns out brilliant blog entries that would take me all day to write and does all these things while looking perfectly put together from her well coiffed hair to her smartly appointed shoes. I'm gonna go curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb now.

I admire a lot of women, but these two have been on my mind as of late. They're special and they inspire me to try a little harder and dig a little deeper. And they do it just by being my friends.


JOJOSIE said...

Nice blog on some great women who deserve to be admired. As I read it my shallow self could only think about how cute Henry is, he is adorable. I'd love to get my hands on him. Maybe not if he's still chewing and biting. Nice friend and beautiful pictures and as I mention previously, cute dog.

caryl said...

I know, jojosie! I hijacked my own blog with photos of the cute little doggie. I realized when I uploaded my photos that I didn't have a single photo of Gail.

Soul Reporter said...

Hi, Caryl! I don't know Gail, but she sounds absolutely wonderful. Aw, Chicken & Waffles! Love her! I admire her too and love her blog. I miss all of you. We need a road trip. Hear that, Taylor? And, OMG, that little doggie of yours, how freaking cute can he be?

Chicken & Waffles said...

I am humbled, Caryl, and certainly not deserving of your fine words. You are rather spectacular yourself. Particularly so.
Grazie, bella.