Sunday, February 17, 2008

Music Monday

I happened to catch the Beatles movie, "Help!" on TV this weekend. It's completely juvenile and silly. My kind of movie! I forgot how fun it is. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I ever saw the whole flick.

I was just a kid when the Beatles hit the scene. I could hear my big sisters' albums playing down the hall but I was never welcome inside their too-cool-for-me room. The Beatles played sophisticated and grown-up music. If I was caught lurking outside their door, my sisters would shoo me back to my own pink phonograph and my Monkees 45's.

Aaaanyway...enjoy this clip! How can you NOT sing along?


JOJOSIE said...

You sisters sound like my daughters, only the outsider in my house was their younger brother. I knew practically all the Beatle songs by heart as I heard them over and over and over again. John was my favorite until he met Yoko Ono. One of my Beatle favorites was called Norwegian Wood. I think I'll go over to u-tube and see if it's on there anywhere. Thanks for the memories. As a Taylor fan I have to add that I think he does Beatle covers as well as anyone.

caryl said...

Yes! Taylor did "Don't Let Me Down" at a show I took my friend to. She wasn't familiar with Taylor's music but she commented later that she particularly liked the way he did that song.