Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project Runway

This week's challenge decided which three designers would go on to show at Bryant Park. The looks had to be inspired by a work of art. Let me show you the designs (with my commentary)and then I'll tell you the outcome:

Design by Chris:

Very reminiscent of that crazy avant-garde gown that everyone (but me) loved!

Design by Christian:

I know, I know, you all LOVE it, right? He's a talented designer, no doubt about that. But I think this looks ridiculous. You're all thinking I just don't get it. That's OK.

Design by Rami:

I don't mind that Rami stuck with draping. He felt strongly about this dress and I think that's what it's all about. Personally, I don't think draping flatters a woman's body.

Design by Sweet P:

Really blah! I like her and I like the interaction between Sweet P and Christian, but this design was really boring.

Design by Jillian:

Really cute. I would wear this (if I were twenty years younger!) The dress underneath the jacket is all gold and fun.

The winner of this challenge was...drumroll please...Christian! The loser was Sweet P. No big surprise there.

Jillian was told that she'll be going to Fashion Week with Christian. Then in a surprising twist, Chris AND Rami were told that they are still "in". The only snag in the seam (see what I did there?) is that they're still competing against one another. They'll both produce a line for the show and the judges will decide which ONE of them will go on to show it at Bryant Park.

huh? HOLD EVERYTHING! I was looking for more photos over on the official Project Runway site when I ran across something labeled, "Final Collections". I clicked on it and it looks like the actual final runway collections. It includes Christian, Jillian, Chris, Rami AND Sweet P. Why would they post this before that episode airs? Could it be a mistake? Go have a look, unless you want to wait and see it all for the first time on the final show:


Soul Reporter said...

I love Christian. I wouldn't wear that outfit either, but I wouldn't be caught dead in half the stuff I see going down the runways. I DO NOT like Rami at all, and I hoped he was going home. I think he's an arrogant asshole. Bryant Park has already happened, I believe, so I think they show all the collections to throw us off.

caryl said...

Hey, SR! Haven't seen you in a while. Good to see ya!

I think you're right that Fashion Week already happened. CW would know. I'm just surprised that they would post the designs early, before that episode airs.

Happy Valentine's Day, btw! My hubly is taking me out to eat in a minute. I'm sitting here all gussied up with hair spray and everything.

Chicken & Waffles said...

Fashion Week is happening now, baby!! And they asked all FIVE designers to show as not to give the show away. If you got to Entertainment Weekly online, you can view the collections.

Don't hate me Caryl, but I loved the drama of Christian's outfit last night. Loved it. And ya know what, I would wear it. No one would bat an eye here in NYC.

Jennifer said...

Usually, I love Christian's stuff even though I want to hate it. This time, I am with you, Caryl. I hated that ridiculous costume, to use the word he usually hurls at Chris' stuff. There was nothing flattering about that outfit on the model. She looked like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man mated with Zorro. CW, don't wear it, girl! You are far too hot to cover yourself in that... that... thing.

Julie said...

I love Jillian's and Chris' dresses. Fabulous. I hate the winning one. Cheryl, you say these designs were based on works of art...what were they, for each dress?

caryl said...
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caryl said...

I deleted my lame attempt at describing the inspiration for their designs because I found a video from the show which will show you the works of art. It's posted above this blog entry.