Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

"Dude! I GOTTA have more cowbell!"

We Taylor Hicks fans should be very proud of ourselves. I say that without a bit of sarcasm. We're backing a musician we can feel good about. I don't know what may have occured behind closed doors, but from my point of view, it seems Taylor's been fighting for the MUSIC since that first audition for American Idol.

That fight for musical integrity may have cost him backing by J Records. Everything I've read leads me to believe that Taylor didn't want to be a sell-out. He didn't want to produce some generic CD with catchy little tunes perfect for radio. He didn't want to just lay back and let the label have it's way with him. He wants to produce music that's meaningful.

An unwillingness to shut up and do what you're told can make you an unpopular guy. But in the end the most important thing-the only thing- is what happens when you pop in his CD or watch him come out on stage. A moment of anticipation and then, he lifts the mic and sings. Chills.

Ignore that lousy American Idol band and listen to his voice. Gorgeous.


Julie said...

I hate to always be a naysayer (no, I don't really...) but the band on AI is actually very good. Oddly enough they have a lot of talent on that little show, they just don't know what the hell to do with it!

Fabulous Taylor performance. One of my favorites.

Lubiana said...

Great post Caryl. I agree 100%!

tishlp said...

Oh man, I can't see the video at work. I'll watch it later, but I've got to say that your caption for that picture is cracking me up!!

Kenzie said...

I could see it in the beginning. Or at least my beginning of the Taylor Fan-dom. I don't remember the first time I seen him exactly, or the first song I heard sing away from American Idol. It was a mp3 clipped saved on graycharles.com. I remember hearing it, and going... "Wow". That was it, just wow. I was amazed.

Taylor has something that stands out. It's just a shame that J Records used him. I'm gonna give it a few years... but in time, I wouldn't doubt it if Taylor got hooked up with a dependable record company, and wow'd everyone else.

I'm actually keeping my fingers crossed that Atlantic Records picks him up. Ray's old record label. Taylor would be living his dream definentily then, and Atlantic has always brought out the best artists.

mercycove said...

This performance brings me to tears every time. The singing is beautiful and so intense...as Taylor is so beautiful and intense. I would purchase his cover of "Trouble" in a heartbeat.

Love to all...

Juney B.

Chicken & Waffles said...

You had me at "Cowbell" baby. Bring it!