Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

Taylor Hicks the singer, Taylor the songwriter, Taylor the athlete?

Well, yeah! Actually he's not bad. We fans have all heard stories about Taylor playing basketball, soccer and baseball in High School. We've shared photos of Taylor tossing a football around with the guys on the AI tour:

We've seen the golf photos:

In fact, here's one of Taylor swinging the club with a harmonica in his mouth. Talk about multi-tasking!

This past Friday Taylor participated in the McDonald's NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. He held his own! In fact, he showed us a few impressive moves. One sportscaster commented that Taylor hustled more than most of the other guys on the court.

May I say though, he put the "dork" in "dorkilicious" a couple of times. When Terrell Owens was receiving his MVP award, Taylor lurked behind the two men, grinning and trying to get in the shot. Oh, Taylor! You silly boy. I guess you really do dig being a celebrity.

So now I hear there's another charity golf game on the horizon. More info here:

Um, Taylor? Don't let your guitar gather dust, OK? As much as we all enjoyed the short pants, we miss Taylor the singer/songwriter.


Kenzie said...

I never laughed so hard when all I saw was his butt in the screen, and then he danced his way down the carpet, lol. I got to see the first half, it was a good game. And I laughed again when he fell down.

Soul Reporter said...

Mind your business about those shorts and quit telling him what to do! LOL!! I love the shorts. I hope soon we get shots of him coming and going from the music studio. I'm getting impatient.

Bluesgirl said...

I am sooooooo mad I missed the basketball game last week. Does anyone know if they will re-broadcast it? Thanks for the other pictures Caryl, I had not seen them in a while and they brought back lots of memories. I remember when the one of Taylor playing football came during the AI tour. I think there were a record number of 911 calls around the country !!

caryl said...

blues, I think someone mentioned a video of the whole game over at HQ. I'll go check it out and see if I can supply a link.

Yes, I remember when the photos of a shirtless Taylor put the Soul Patrol into a tail spin!

caryl said...

OK, here's all I've got. Gypsy says you can find the entire game at The Taylor Hicks Community (a new blog). Click on "Media". I couldn't find it, but my computer is giving me some trouble, so you can go give it a try.

Bluesgirl said...

Thanks Caryl, I'll go over and see if I can find it!