Monday, February 25, 2008

Speaking of Music This Monday

I just found out that c2what is shutting down. It's been one of the best Taylor-related blogs on the Internet. And yes, I'll admit some posts were over my head, but I liked knowing it was there, giving his fan base some legitimacy.

Stop in over there and wish "what" well:


Chicken & Waffles said...

Oh..NO! Really? Why is it shutting down? That's very disappointing--there was some very thoughtful and intelligent dialogues there.
Thanks for the news. I will now find a dark corner to silently weep.

J. said...

That's sad. Thanks for the head's up.

Just discovered your blog--great stuff!

I really think you should send that pic of your wiener dog to

He would end up being really famous. Such cuteness should be shared with the world, you know...

Do you have a contact e-mail? The address on here didn't work for me.

caryl said...

Welcome j! If you're a Taylor Hicks fan, I just posted a new entry for "Taylor Tuesday", a weekly feature.

Thanks for the kind words about my doggie. He's a handful!

My e-mail address is