Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taylor Tuesday

"Listen, I saw it in the window and I thought it was cool, OK? I'm not gay. Really. How come Prince can get away with wearing purple velvet and I can't?"


From http://blog.al.com/mcolurso/2008/02/taylor_hicks_xxxx.html:

"Alabama musicians, producers and other achievers are commemorated with memorabilia in the hall of fame's museum in Tuscumbia. Hicks said he donated his 'infamous purple jacket' ...for his display case at the museum."

And, for some background information on the jacket, from TMZ, May 24, 2006:

"The jacket is by Dolce & Gabbana and retails for a whopping $1,648. Taylor was with his stylist when he purchased the jacket from the trendy LA store Traffic. Sources tell TMZ that the moment Taylor tried the velvet number on, his comment was, 'Okay, I feel it!' and instantly bought the jacket!"

So, what do you think? Did you like the jacket when it debuted on the finale? Frankly, I didn't. But I know that Taylor was quoted as saying that if he made it to the finale, he was wearing that jacket. It was important to him, so mazol tov!

I'm just glad he didn't know there were pants, too:


JOJOSIE said...

I also never liked that jacket so I'm glad it's in the museum and he won't be wearing it again. Do you really think it cost that much? If it was designer I could believe it but I think it was a waste of money. There were a few suits he wore on that show that I thougt were not fitting quite right, I really like him more casual or really formal. Who am I kidding I think he looks great in everything, but it's like sex, it's all good just somes better than others.

Soul Reporter said...

I thought the jacket was goofy, for sure, but the picture you posted, he looks damned good in it. I just wonder when he bought it was he thinking "I love this jacket, man, I'll look cool!" or was he thinking, "Now this jacket will get some attention!" He sure was quick to give it up! LOL

caryl said...

SR: I think he thought it was something a rock star would wear (like Prince). Maybe he saw Ray wear something like it, who knows?

jojosie, haha!

caryl said...

Oh, I forgot to say, I wonder who paid for it? Obviously Taylor owns it, but I wonder if the show paid for it since it was part of his wardrobe for the finale?

Chicken & Waffles said...

I loved that jacket. If a man is secure enough to play a cowbell with machisimo vigor, then baby should rock the velvet purple jacket if the spirit moves him. I totally digged it.

Kenzie said...

This shows how weird I am... I thought the jacket was kinda neat. Different to say the least. I guess I've just always been the one to buy strange things like that myself. For example... I have a pair of bright orange pants, just because they caught me off gaurd. Bright... orange... jeans.

I haven't worn them in awhile... I wonder what happened to them.