Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tina Fey

Do you think maybe she's sitting there wishing she could be me?

My cyberific friend, CW, recently blogged about a woman she kinda sorta identified with and maybe in teeny-tiny ways aspired to be. Am I making myself clear? I'm on cold medicine today and words are floating around like gumdrops. Do gumdrops float?

Anyhoo, yesterday I saw my eye doctor, got my refill box of contact lenses and was tempted yet again to buy glasses just like Tina Fey's. Of all the people in all the land that I'd like to be, it's Tina Fey.

She's beautiful, she's smart, she's cool and she's funny. I try. Lord knows, I try to be those things, but some things can't be learned or copied. It has to be there in your DNA the moment you come out wailing.

And that's OK. I'm content to be the Tina Fey of my family, yukking it up for the nieces and nephews, coming up with great one-liners for the dog. I kill at the dinner table.

But what about those glasses? Would I look like a sexy Weekend Update anchorwoman or an aging librarian? OK, I may be dreaming but I'm not delusional. I'll stick with the contacts.


TFHZone said...

Hey girlfriend! Get Lasik. I just did! ;) (that's a wink with a seeing eye)

When I was getting my second eye checkup, there was this woman about to go under the laser (it's knifeless) with the cutest little pair of red horned rimmed glasses and I shed a single tear because I no longer need glasses and would not be able to wear a pair like hers.

Tina Fey? I used to like her before Saturday night. She's a Hillary supporter. *insert rolling (seeing) eyes and barf on the floor here)

caryl said...

My eye doctor said that if you get Lasik, you lose your near-sightedness. I like being able to take off my glasses and read like a normal person.